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"AlbiSoft GmbH Dega në Kosovë" was founded as a subsidiary company of "AlbiSoft GmbH", located in Nuremberg, Germany established in 2002.

AlbiSoft is an IT consulting and software development company that creates and transforms products, services, and enterprises to drive business growth today and into the future.

Thanks to years of experience and the constant commitment of our employees, we can point to a broad spectrum of satisfied customers from a wide range of industries.


What we offer


We develop Web Applications projects gradually, agilely, transparently and close to the client. Due to our experience in diverse projects.


Mobile Development

With long experience in mobile application development, we have a strong knowledge base to guide you through the mobile application development process.


Database Development

Some of the applications we develop use database technology, so you have come to the right place if you need help with databases in your project.



As a partner on an equal footing, we advise and support our customers effectively, seriously and with a permanent contact person throughout the entire business relationship..



We design software based on your professional requirements. With suitable analyzing, we create the basis for a comprehensive concept and understanding of your wishes and requirements.


Support and Service

We create personalized software for mass use, and in this case we provide support and technical services for your software. Clients will receive professional technical support upon request.


Our technologies


If you already have a project, but need a team for it, come to AlbiSoft GmbH Dega në Kosovë.

Budget planning
Industry: Finance, Investment
Technology: Blazor, Javascript, JQuery,

The Budget Planning app is designed to help you manage the budget of your company by allowing you to track and create plans across fiscal years, generate different kinds of reports. Beside planning you can manage almost everything that is connected to the plans like: accounts, suppliers, orders etc.

Faktura Express
Industry: Finance, Investment
Technology: Blazor, Javascript, JQuery,

Create invoices online anytime, and from anywhere! Your office can be wherever you are, whether that be at a costumer's office or at home. Write quotes, orders and invoices at anytime in just a few seconds.

KT Umzüge & Transporte
Industry: Transport
Technology: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JSON, JavaScript, JQuery

For KT Umzüge & Transport customers this technological service for the transport industry is most needed. Because customers who visit this web app have the opportunity that if they want to place an order for transport then this service can be done through the web app. KT Umzüge & Transport is already the leading provider of integrated technology platforms, software and services in the transport industry.

ADLER Baumschulen
Industry: Transport
Technology: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JSON, JavaScript, JQuery

Together with Codeks company, we developed ADLER Baumschulen Website. A company that trets green products with the greatest care. Special attention is paid to the development and growth from root to mature plant. In this way they try to ensure that the products you buy are in perfect condition.

KiriTrees Plantage
Industry: Gardening
Technology: Wordpress

KiriTrees Plantation deals with the cultivation of Paulownia (Elongata) trees. KiriTrees plants the trees, grows them, takes care of them and harvests the finished trees. The KiriTrees product is intended for the industrial market and private consumption. With a sleek design down to the smallest detail, this website aims to inform internet users about Paulownia and the services provided by KiriTree Plantage.

Industry: Gardening
Technology: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JSON, JavaScript, JQuery

RQ GARTENBAU does intensive garden maintenance that requires a lot of time and effort and is a permanent task. Also RQ GARTENBAU deals with the laying of tiles for terraces and asphalting works. With an elegant design down to the smallest detail, this website aims to inform internet users about the services provided by RQ GARTENBAU.


We have highly skilled engineers with excellent technical knowledge and experience in using the latest software standards. By putting our clients at the heart of what we do, we are proud to still be supporting our first business client.


Twenty years of experience facilitating cutting-edge engineering solutions with a wide range application.


AlbiSoft helps companies to be successful. We create software that is close to you and your employees’ hearts. We achieved this with a great deal of passion, but mostly by working together well and aspiring to grow.


Many successfully completed projects and satisfied customers who have relied on AlbiSoft services for decades - these are the best references from the field.

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